Digital Payment Solution

Community Banking, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking. Make payment and receive payment online. Mobile application and web based Virtual Account Manager. Pay to phone number, email, Facebook account. We provide smart solutions for your Digital Payment needs.

With more and more people becoming a netizen every year, the volume of transactions done online is steadily increasing.

B2C ecommerce sales in Asia-Pacific grew more than 33% to $332.46 billion in 2012. This year, the region will see sales increase by more than 30% to over $433 billion—or more than one-third of all global B2C ecommerce sales. (

Anilo Team is ready to support for your business to expand your territory to e-commerce area. We are able to provide smart solutions for Digital Payment in e-commerce:

1. Virtual Account Manager / Community Payment Gateway

2. Device/POI (Point-of-Interaction) integration:

+ Mobile Applications: Android, iPhone, iPad

+ Point of Sale (POS): Web Based, EDC

3. E-commerce Infrastructure setup (SOA)

4. Online Marketing services.



Cloud Application
SOA Infrastructure
Mobile Apps
Online Marketing


E-commerce Portal
Community Banking
Online Business Mgt
Payment Gateway